Connect Others with the Love of God to Transform the World

Dimondale United Methodist Church

6801 Creyts Rd
P.O. Box 387
Dimondale, MI 48821

Pastoral Ponderings

Pastor Linda Farmer-Lewis

Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 am

Children’s Sunday School 9:45 am

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday – Thursday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Parsonage Phone (517) 646-6530

Pastor’s Cell Phone (517) 581-5595

Grace and Peace to all of you at the Dimondale United Methodist Church! Bill and I are so excited to begin ministry with you in this lovely church. We are also very grateful to all who have worked so hard to make preparations for our coming! Fred Hart and the Staff/Parish Relations Committee for their warm reception to our appointment. For Judy Entenmann and the Administrative Council for their counsel and support. For the work Don Krepps and the Trustees have done on the parsonage and for the kind correspondence from the Prayer Team. We are humbled by the care that you all have given to this transition.

Also, my thanks to Pastor Steve Weinberger for being such a great pastor to follow. He has left this congregation in good shape, as have the shepherds before him, and I see the evidence of that faithful leadership everywhere I look. I see that we are most fortunate in our Office Administrator, Elizabeth Todd. I am blessed to have her to work with in the church office.

As we have thought and prayed about the ministry with the Dimondale United Methodist Church, we are heartened by the obvious love you have for one another and for the community you are so intentionally serving. Bill and I look forward to working alongside you for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we might shed his grace abroad, call people to the abundant life only discipleship can offer, and join God’s project to repair the world. Now, more than ever, the United Methodist Church needs to take its leadership role in the Christian faith to transform the world in justice for all people and work for peace in the world that our common life together may more fully reflect the kingdom of God.  I am grateful that Bishop Bard and Superintendent Jerry Devine felt I would be a good fit for the Dimondale UMC. What I know for sure, is that we will work diligently to grow our ministry, that we will do so with good humor and grace, that we will lead faithfully and humbly.  What I am even more sure of, is that we can do nothing outside of God’s providing hand and that we can trust God to be with us in all things and give us all things in the fullness of Christ.

Thank you for your grace in allowing us to be with you as pastor and friend. Let us be swift to love, abounding in goodwill that the sheer beauty of the Lord will be seen and felt in our community and draw others to that joy we know in the love of God in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

In Christ,

Rev. Linda Farmer-Lewis

Sunday Morning Worship 9:30 am

Children’s Sunday School 9:45 am

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesday – Friday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Church Phone: (517) 646-0641

Parsonage Phone: (517) 646-6530