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Easter Changes Everything

What if Easter had not happened the way it is described in the Gospels? What if the women coming to the tomb had found the stone at the doorway still in place, a stark cold barrier? What if there had been no angel saying, “He is not here?” What if Jesus had not spoken to Mary? What if Jesus had not appeared to the disciples in the upper room? What if no stranger had joined the disciples as they walked to Emmaus? What if?

What difference would it make?

The answer is hard to contemplate.  There would be No worship services glorifying God. There would be No special spaces for telling the stories of Jesus. There would be No consecrated gathering places for disciples to support one another in times of need. There would be No places to celebrate the joyful and tragic days which are part of every life. There would be No gathering points for people to come together and share resources to help others in need. There would be No Inner Spirit within to help us see God and life and others in a whole new beautiful light.

But we are a people who say Easter did happen, and that changes everything. 

The first disciples were transformed from a group of frightened men and women into courageous and joy filled witnesses to the amazing love and power of God who had overcome death. They were transformed from a group dependent on the physical presence of Jesus to a group empowered by the presence of Christ’s Spirit within and among them. 

The power of the Risen Christ, proclaimed and demonstrated by followers of Christ has transformed lives and has changed world history from that time on and continues to do so each and every day.  

 How have you experienced the living presence of Christ today? 

How have you seen the power of Christ working in the world? 

In what ways have you been able to share the love of Christ with others?

We celebrate Easter today! Let us worship the Risen Christ with an inner openness to the most wonderful news the world has ever heard. Let us share and proclaim in every way we can that Easter changes everything!  “Christ is risen.  Christ is risen, indeed!  Alleluia!”

With Easter Joy,

Your pastor,