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Dimondale United Methodist Church

6801 Creyts Rd
P.O. Box 387
Dimondale, MI 48821

The Twelve Days of Christmas. . .  

. . .will have come and gone.  And so alas, it will be time

to take down the decorations.  Please join us on Sunday,

January 5th immediately following the fellowship time

to take down the decorations and pack them away

for next year.  Many hands make light work.  Thanks.

The following classes are potential studies for this next season.

Please respond if you have interest in any of these offerings and from there, we will schedule classes around the availability of persons interested.

Please respond to office or call pastor Linda with your thought and interests.

Adult Education Opportunities


God in the Movies: Spiritual Dimensions in Secular Film

Spiritual Scrapbooking-Creating your own Sustaining book


Letters of Paul: Colossians with Richard Rohr the Universal Christ

Galatians- a letter of grace and warning

Hard Sayings of Jesus

Problems in the Bible

Job: A study in suffering and faithfulness or “If God is good, then why…

A Romp through salvation history- The history of the Biblical Story


Meyers Briggs and Human Diversity

The Art of War- study in leadership

7 Habits of Highly Effective People


Dealing with Difficult People

Love Languages

Work as Vehicle of Identity

DUMC Mission Projects for 2020

January             Food Pantry Competition

February          Blanket and Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner

March               Personal Needs Pantry

April                  Heifer

May                   Conference Project

June                  Methodist Children Home, Detroit

July                    School Supplies

August              School Supplies

September       Guatemala School

October             Hats, Gloves, Socks, and Trick or Treat Candy

November        Thanksgiving Baskets

December         Christmas Joy

January 2020 Missions

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas.  Because of you we were able to brighten our Christmas family’s lives.  Thank you so much for the gifts for these families and to Tonie for all the work she did to make it a true Christmas for the families. 

Judy and Susan are off to Guatemala this month with a loaded suitcase of supplies. 

Hopefully they will have lots to share about Henry and the school. 

The challenge is on!!!  The pulpiteers challenge the lecternnaires in our annual drive for the Dimondale Food Pantry.  Last year the pulpiteers lost by a very narrow margin and are determined to regain the title. Will the lecterrnnaires give in easily?  We shall see—please place your donation in the back pew and I will move it to a table once it Is counted.   Let’s make Dimondale Food Pantry a really big winner.

As always, please do not forget the personal needs pantry, your donations are so needed and our friends who have needs really appreciate the help we give them.  Until next month which we are planning something special, take care, stay warm, and be safe.

Sherrie Teesdale

Missions Chairperson

Live Illuminated!

Sunday, December 29 we will be celebrating the meaning of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Come find the Partridge in the Pear Tree and discover the true meaning of Twelve Drummers Drumming.

Sunday, January 5 caps the Christmas season with the Epiphany of the Wisemen as we mark their journey and ours as followers of the Star of Bethlehem

For the Clinic

                Dates MUST be July 2020 or after

  1. Omeprazole 20 mg
  2. Naproxen 220mg
  3. Acetaminophen 80 mg
  4. Tylenol for adults and children
  5. Digital thermometers
  6. Snack size plastic bags


For the School

  1. Packs of 10 magic markers
  2. Children’s toothpaste
  3. Tempera paint any size
  4. Money for teacher training

Please bring your gifts by Sunday, January 5th.  As we go in your name, we thank you for your generous support in reaching out to people not only in our community, but around the world. 

                                                                                Susan Milligan and Judy Entenman

Give from Your IRA

Protect your own financial position

Is a Qualified Charitable Distribution right for you?

If you own an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and are over 70 ½ years of age, you are required by law to withdraw funds from the IRA each year incurring taxable income upon receipt.

A Qualified Charitable Distribution allows you to direct part or all of those funds to Dimondale United Methodist Church and, in doing so, avoid the taxes that would be associated with that income.

Keep in mind:

  • IRA owners must be 70 ½ years of age or older to set up a Qualified Charitable Distribution.
  • Your gift must be sent directly from the financial institution holding your IRA to the Church.
    • If the withdrawn funds are sent to you first, you will be taxed.
  • Up to $100,000 annually may be transferred to charity per donor; husbands and wives are treated separately.
  • Any amount processed as a Qualified Charitable Distribution will count toward your
    • Required Minimum Distribution and can help you save money on your taxes.
  • If you have questions or are ready to arrange for a gift from you IRA, please call the Dimondale United Methodist Church at (517) 646-0641.

Prayer Fellowship Mondays at 5 P.M.

Prayer Fellowship is a small group ministry that meets once a week to write prayer cards to our shut-ins and to those who have been lifted up in prayer. It is also a time of fellowship. We are a fairly flexible group and would love to have others join us in this prayer ministry. If you would like a vital way to connect with the church, please come. If you have questions, please contact Judy Entenman (517-282-6827).

Shut-In Ministry

 In February we expanded our ministry to our shut-ins by taking them communion monthly.  We spend time visiting with them, making important connections with the church and then sharing with them the grace and love received through Holy Communion.  Thanks to our nine volunteers who have made this possible: Connie Bliss, Jean Creyts, Judy Entenman, Doris Krepps, Tonie Lokker, Carol Moore, Sherrie Teesdale, and Sandy Winchell. 

If you would like to share in this important ministry, please let Judy Entenman know at (517) 646-0265.  There are other shut-ins who we would like to visit.  If you know of a shut-in who we should include in this ministry, please let Judy know. 

Personal Needs Pantry

Volunteers Needed!!!

Call Tuesday – Friday from 10:00am until 1:00pm
The Personal Needs Pantry
Dimondale United Methodist Church
6801 Creyts Rd.

The Food Pantry
The First Presbyterian Church
162 N. Bridge St.

Thank you for all the support for our Personal Needs Pantry.  We serve on average 23 very appreciative local families each month.  We could not do this without your help.  

Chris Graham

Prayer Fellowship

Every Monday at 5pm, Dimondale United Methodist Church members gather in prayer, lifting up the joys and concerns of people in our congregation, our families, our communities and around the world.  In addition to praying for them, we send a personal prayer note to each person who desires one.  If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, you can call the church office (517) 646-0641 to relay a prayer request.  If you would like us to send a personal prayer note for someone, please include the person’s name and address. People enjoy the cards that the group sends out and they need your help. If you have some time please come and join them. To make a prayer request, click on the  Prayer Request tab on this website and share your prayers. If you have questions, please contact Judy Entenman (517-282-6827).

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Join Us At Prayer Fellowship

10. We have lots of Fun.
9. You get the latest news about our church family.
8. Many hands and prayers make light work.
7. It is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship with lots of laughter.
6. So Judy and Tonie don’t get writer’s cramp.
5. An opportunity to fuel your faith.
4. There is strength in numbers – especially in prayer.
3. To do one of the things the New Testament asks us to do: “Pray without ceasing.”
2. To  make a difference in people’s lives.
1. To become a part of a significant ministry of this church.

Prayer Fellowship meets every Monday at 5:00pm.

United Methodist Men

Dimondale/Grovenburg/Mt. Hope United Methodist Church Men’s Fellowship Group. Breakfast meeting every third Saturday, 8:00am at MorningLory in Dimondale. All men in the community are invited.