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Here it is mid-September, time goes quickly whether we want it to or not!  The kiddos are back in “school” either in a classroom, at a kitchen table or some place in the home.  Many kudos to the educators, parents, and students!  It is a new way of learning, teaching, and most definitely stretching everyone’s patience.  I admire you all!  

The pandemic has put all of us in a new way of doing things.  Many thanks to Pastor Linda, Bill, Judy, Ken, and Tonie for all the hard work they do to bring us each week a little of Sunday morning worship service.  It is not the same as sitting in our pews singing, worshiping, and loving as we are use to but it is the next best thing.  If you haven’t tried the ZOOM fellowship please do, we have a good time talking, laughing and being together.

Because we are unable to meet in person.  I find that I have gotten very lax in mailing in my tithes and donations to the mission project of the month.  I need to turn over a new leaf and support the US Postal Service and mail in my gifts.  In August we were able to purchase approximately $500.00 in school supplies.  Good job friends. 

In October we are continuing our request for Jonathan, we fell short of our goal in September and Guatemala like the rest of the world is hurting.  We support Jonathan’s schooling, nourishment, and health care with our yearly donation.  We ask you to put your donation in an envelope marked missions or Jonathan.  UMCOR needs our help too. There are so many disasters occurring in the world, including the fires in California and west coast, the abundance of hurricanes and storms.

Also, pray daily for world peace and an end to the pandemic.

The November newsletter will have details for our Thanksgiving dinners we give to our neighbors who many have lost jobs, businesses, or have to stay home with the children for schooling or childcare problems.  Thank you so much for ALL your gifts.  You are awesome.   Stay well, mask up and hopefully we will meet soon. 

Sherrie Teesdale

Jackson French Quarter Dixieland Band Returns October 4

Phil Bickle and his Dixieland Band are returning for our outdoor October 4th Worldwide Communion Service at 10:00 am that Sunday. We have individual Communion Packets that will be carefully distributed. We will take our customary love offering for them, so please come prepared to contribute, wear your mask, bring a lawn chair, or enjoy from your car.

If the weather is cold and rainy, we will cancel.

Rev. Adam Hamilton Study: Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White.

Our socially distanced book study has begun on Wednesday’s at 10:30 am at the church. We have room for one more person in the class and we are finding it a great and helpful study for these times. Because it has so much to offer us, we will open another opportunity for people to participate, either when this one is over, so we can share the books or concurrently, and we will buy more books. Contact Pastor Linda at (517) 581-5595 if you would like to participate in another mid-week opportunity for study and fellowship.


Sunday, October 4th, Christian Churches all around the world celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion. In this act of Unity, the Church universal claims our unity in Christ our head. We are planning an outdoor service with the sacrament served in sealed and sanitary individually packaged bread and cup. Phil Bickle and the Jackson French Quarter Dixieland Band will lead the service with their wonderful music. You are invited to attend in your car, or socially distanced in your lawn chair. We must have masks on. We will give Phil and his band a love offering, so please come prepared to contribute! We will joy in this, our first opportunity to gather on a Sunday morning.

All Saints Day/Consecration of Gifts on Sunday, November 1

All Saints Sunday is Nov. 1 this year, the day after we fall back in our time change. We are planning an opportunity for you to come to worship that Sunday at 9:30 am to bring your pledge card for consecration and light candles for those you wish to commemorate. Depending on our COVID-19 situation we will adjust what we are able to do in the sanctuary, but plan on at least that opportunity to come and mark those we have lost in this last year, including a special memorial for all those we have lost in our country to this virus.

Stewardship Message

Our congregation continues to support our church throughout this difficult time. Your faithfulness is truly amazing. We have been running slightly behind in our budget as we paid our ministry shares in full early and have had some expenses upgrading our ability to live steam our services in real time, a project we are still implementing. If you find you can send in your monthly pledge or make an extra offering, it would be much appreciated and if you would like someone to pick it up from you, we are happy to do that. Call Pastor Linda at (517) 581-5595.

Colegio Susanna Wesley

What is Colegio Susanna Wesley?

Colegio Susanna Wesley is an essential part of Project Salud y Paz. Our Colegio Susanna Wesley school educates and prepares indigenous Mayan children to enter and excel in the Spanish-speaking public school system. Inspired and informed by Salud y Paz’s nutrition and hygiene program which began in 2007 to combat chronic child malnutrition among vulnerable indigenous Mayan children, Colegio Susanna Wesley has been offering a comprehensive early childhood education program to the children of Camanchaj since 2009. In an effort to not only meet the very present need of vulnerable children for good nutrition during the critical childhood development years, but to also offer hope for a better future, the school was formed to ignite their passion for learning and to offer them the tools that can create pathways leading out of poverty.

Our comprehensive pre-kindergarten to first-grade program seeks to address the whole child through a focus on three core areas: Language and Education, Nutrition and Hygiene, and Medical and Dental Care. Through our Language and Education component, the school teaches indigenous Mayan children who speak the K’iche language at home to speak, read, and write Spanish—preparing them to enter and excel in the Spanish-speaking public school system. Each school day students receive two nutritional meals and a healthy snack which represents more than 70% of a child’s weekly nutrition requirements as well as hygiene training and supplies that reinforce healthy habits through our Nutrition and Hygiene component. Also, the Salud y Paz clinic provides the Medical and Dental Care component that offers our children regular medical, dental, and vision screenings; doctor visits; labs; and medication at no charge to their families.

The school is able to offer compassionate care and exceptional education through its approach to early childhood development as a partnership with parents and a service to the community. Operated by a bi-lingual Guatemalan staff who speak both K’iche and Spanish, the school has an average annual enrollment of about 50 students and an average class size of 15-18 students. Staff members include three full-time teachers, one part-time physical education teacher, one full-time school director, one full-time cook, two kitchen apprentices, one maintenance staff person, and two teaching interns. Staff members, however, recognize the important role that parents play in their child’s education and development, and the school has been intentional about creating and empowering a very active and engaged parent organization. In addition to their presence and participation in meetings, trainings, and event planning, parents of about 78% of our children who have some means, pay a tuition of 50 Quetzales per month, which is a little less than $7. The remaining 22% of our students come from very poor families and are on scholarship; their parents contribute by volunteering at the school each month.

The life-changing impact of a Colegio Susanna Wesley education is not limited to the individual student but touches their families, reaches into their communities, and is made possible by generous sponsors who partner with us to provide education, nutrition, and healthcare to some of the most vulnerable children. When a child is educated at Colegio Susanna Wesley, the student develops a proficiency in Spanish that gives them an advantage when they enter the public school system to start the second grade. They also share what they learn with their families, which in some instances has resulted in students teaching or enhancing their parents’ command of the Spanish language. The community is also impacted because with a firm CSW foundation, our students have a much better chance of going way beyond the usual two years of schooling that their parents attained (on average).

Bible/Book Study: “Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White” a book by Rev. Adam Hamilton. Study begins Wednesday, September 16 at 10:30 a.m. Capacity limited to 10 and masks required. Please make a reservation by contacting pastor Linda (517) 581-5595. Books are available.

DUMC Mission Projects for 2020

January             Food Pantry Competition

February          Blanket and Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner

March               Personal Needs Pantry

April                  Heifer

May                   Conference Project

June                  Methodist Children Home, Detroit

July                    School Supplies

August              School Supplies

September       Guatemala School

October             Hats, Gloves, Socks, and Trick or Treat Candy

November        Thanksgiving Baskets

December         Christmas Joy

Prayer Fellowship Mondays at 5 P.M.

Prayer Fellowship is a small group ministry that meets once a week to write prayer cards to our shut-ins and to those who have been lifted up in prayer. It is also a time of fellowship. We are a fairly flexible group and would love to have others join us in this prayer ministry. If you would like a vital way to connect with the church, please come. If you have questions, please contact Judy Entenman (517-282-6827).

Shut-In Ministry

 In February we expanded our ministry to our shut-ins by taking them communion monthly.  We spend time visiting with them, making important connections with the church and then sharing with them the grace and love received through Holy Communion.  Thanks to our nine volunteers who have made this possible: Connie Bliss, Jean Creyts, Judy Entenman, Doris Krepps, Tonie Lokker, Carol Moore, Sherrie Teesdale, and Sandy Winchell. 

If you would like to share in this important ministry, please let Judy Entenman know at (517) 646-0265.  There are other shut-ins who we would like to visit.  If you know of a shut-in who we should include in this ministry, please let Judy know. 

Personal Needs Pantry

Volunteers Needed!!!

Call Tuesday – Friday from 10:00am until 1:00pm
The Personal Needs Pantry
Dimondale United Methodist Church
6801 Creyts Rd.

The Food Pantry
The First Presbyterian Church
162 N. Bridge St.

Prayer Fellowship

Every Monday at 5pm, Dimondale United Methodist Church members gather in prayer, lifting up the joys and concerns of people in our congregation, our families, our communities and around the world.  In addition to praying for them, we send a personal prayer note to each person who desires one.  If you or someone you know is in need of prayer, you can call the church office (517) 646-0641 to relay a prayer request.  If you would like us to send a personal prayer note for someone, please include the person’s name and address. People enjoy the cards that the group sends out and they need your help. If you have some time please come and join them. To make a prayer request, click on the  Prayer Request tab on this website and share your prayers. If you have questions, please contact Judy Entenman (517-282-6827).

The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Join Us At Prayer Fellowship

10. We have lots of Fun.
9. You get the latest news about our church family.
8. Many hands and prayers make light work.
7. It is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship with lots of laughter.
6. So Judy and Tonie don’t get writer’s cramp.
5. An opportunity to fuel your faith.
4. There is strength in numbers – especially in prayer.
3. To do one of the things the New Testament asks us to do: “Pray without ceasing.”
2. To  make a difference in people’s lives.
1. To become a part of a significant ministry of this church.

Prayer Fellowship meets every Monday at 5:00pm.

United Methodist Men

Dimondale/Grovenburg/Mt. Hope United Methodist Church Men’s Fellowship Group. Breakfast meeting every third Saturday, 8:00am at MorningLory in Dimondale. All men in the community are invited.