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Dimondale United Methodist Church

6801 Creyts Rd
P.O. Box 387
Dimondale, MI 48821


The United Methodist Church views the marriage ceremony primarily as an act of Christian worship. It is a celebration of the couples’ unity and the ceremony often consists of a blend of traditional church elements such as scripture and prayer, and personal touches such as original vows.

We do not require couples seeking marriage to belong to our congregation or to the United Methodist denomination. Contact us and let us know why you want to get married in the United Methodist Church. Our pastor will want to talk with you about the Christian understanding of marriage and about marriage preparation requirements. You will be asked to attend private counseling sessions with the pastor who will perform your marriage.

The pastor will explain the ceremony and which elements you can modify or customize. You will receive a wedding policy regarding music, member wedding fees, non-member wedding fees and use of the fellowship hall. You also will receive guidelines on use of our building and an application you can fill out to apply to use the building.

Contact us at (517) 646-0641 for marriage information.